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Luminair v3.2 adds support for KiNET, 3D Touch


Today we’ve released Luminair v3.2 for iOS, which adds support for an additional lighting control protocol… KiNET. This means that¬†Luminair now supports simultaneous control over four separate protocols:
Art-Net, sACN E1.31, KiNET, and Hue!

KiNET is a lighting control protocol owned by Philips and is used in their Color Kinetics line of products/power supplies. CK power supplies and LED nodes have a wide range of uses and purposes, and are frequently utilized in architectural type applications. Many famous landmarks around the world, like the Empire State Building and more, rely on Color Kinetics products (and KiNET) to drive their beaufitful lighting displays.

KiNET support in Luminair means you can now control Philips Color Kinetic power supplies natively from the app using either KiNET v1 or v2 packets. Again, this is simultaneous with the other protocols that Luminair already supports (Art-Net, sACN E1.31, and Hue) so you’re free to mix and match. Luminair is an equal opportunity controller. :) (more…)

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