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Luminair v3.2 adds support for KiNET, 3D Touch


Today we’ve released Luminair v3.2 for iOS, which adds support for an additional lighting control protocol… KiNET. This means that¬†Luminair now supports simultaneous control over four separate protocols:
Art-Net, sACN E1.31, KiNET, and Hue!

KiNET is a lighting control protocol owned by Philips and is used in their Color Kinetics line of products/power supplies. CK power supplies and LED nodes have a wide range of uses and purposes, and are frequently utilized in architectural type applications. Many famous landmarks around the world, like the Empire State Building and more, rely on Color Kinetics products (and KiNET) to drive their beaufitful lighting displays.

KiNET support in Luminair means you can now control Philips Color Kinetic power supplies natively from the app using either KiNET v1 or v2 packets. Again, this is simultaneous with the other protocols that Luminair already supports (Art-Net, sACN E1.31, and Hue) so you’re free to mix and match. Luminair is an equal opportunity controller. :) (more…)

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Luminair 3 now available on the App Store
Posted on June 16th, 2015

Today is the day! Luminair 3 is now available across the globe on Apple’s App Store. Luminair 3 is a brand new app for all iOS 8 devices with a redesigned user interface, LTP faders, a movement generator/FX engine, built-in Scheduling, Luminair Remote for Apple Watch, MIDI over Bluetooth LE, and tons of other new features and improvements.

Full information on Luminair 3 can be found on the updated web site.

As a major new version, with over a year in development time and resources, Luminair 3 is a brand new app. This is the first updated version to require a new purchase since the app was originally released in 2010. (more info)

A special 20%-off launch price for Luminair 3 is being offered at 79.99 USD (this price will vary depending on which country you are located in). Additional In-App purchases (Location Pro, Schedule Pro, MIDI Pro) are also being offered at special launch prices for a limited time at $9.99 USD each.

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First look at the future…
Posted on May 5th, 2015

The all new Luminair 3 has been in development for over a year and is coming soon as a brand new app. This short raw video speaks for itself… IT’S ALIVE

More details will be revealed as we approach release. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for the latest videos and screenshots.

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Using Guided Access to lock an iOS device in Luminair-only mode
Posted on January 5th, 2014


It’s becoming really common in architecture, displays, museums, installations and more to use apps like Luminair installed on a central device in a fixed location, like a wall or on a specialized device stand. iOS devices benefit from a fantastic 3rd-party accessory ecosystem, and there’s some really nice products available for mounting devices from companies like Heckler Design, iPort, and many more.

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New Luminair/AirPort Express setup guide
Posted on June 29th, 2012

Apple recently updated the AirPort Express Wi-Fi router. The AirPort Express has always been really popular with Luminair users, due to it’s portability.

Older generations of the AE always required being put into a Bridge mode to properly communicate with an ethernet to DMX interface connected to it’s single ethernet port, so we always provided a nice little setup guide that walked users through this process. The new AE now includes dual-ethernet ports, and it’s easier then ever to setup for use with Luminair and Art-Net/sACN DMX interfaces.

We’ve created a revised PDF setup document for the new AirPort Express (3rd-gneration), available for direct download at the following link:

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Luminair for iPad v2 is here!
Posted on February 16th, 2012

Luminair for iPad v2 is now available on the App Store! v2 is a major new release with support for iCloud, AirPlay, and many other new features for a more seamless iOS experience.

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