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Celebrating 10 years of Luminair app


Celebrating 10 years of Luminair on iOS! Yes, 10 years. It’s hard to believe, but Luminair 1.0 for iPhone was released on the App Store back in July 2008!

Thanks to a forward-thinking group of users (you!), we’ve been able to grow from a small little utility all the way to a full-featured platform which thousands of creative pros rely on every day.

We originally had wanted to make this a big post looking back at the history of Luminair, but we believe in looking forward to the future rather than concentrating on the past. Needless to say, looking back at the amazing projects you’ve used Luminair on has been beyond inspirational.

So what’s next? We’re currently hard at work on exciting new features for future versions of Luminair. In the meantime, a v3.6.2 update has been released which adds a number of bug fixes and fixture profiles from the following:

– Improved support for iPhone X
– Added support and fixture profiles for Westcott’s new wireless Cine DMX Dimmer
– Added fixture profiles for Quasar Science RGBX rainbow tubes
– Added fixture profiles for Cineo Lighting Standard 410
– Added fixture profiles for Mole-Richardson lights
– Added fixture profiles for Rosco Braq Cube
– Updated fixture profiles for newest LitePanels Gemini firmware
– Updated fixture profiles for newest Digital Sputnik firmware
– Updated fixture profiles for ARRI SkyPanel v4 firmware
– Fixed an issue with triggering actions via URL Scheme on iOS 11
– Fixed a timing issue that could occur with sequences on iOS 11
– Other minor fixes and improvements

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  1. Thanks guys for making great software.

    We have a pub rock band and the atmosphere Luminair creates is awesome.

    Having a dedicated lighting guy is hard to come by so armed with the Luminair software we took control.

    In small pubs as the lead single I am able to control the punching in and out of dynamic lighting effects. Using my iPhone attached to the Mic stand and a core midi foot switch I can call in flashing big rock endings, strobe and black outs while keeping eye contact with the crowd.

    I use to dream of having the capabilities todays stage tech provide. Thanks for your support.

    Luminair 3 v3.6.2 (1552)
    Enntech ODE
    Apple airport express
    Various LED fixtures x 16

     Comment by Rory O'Dowd on August 7, 2018 at 7:24 am

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