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Luminair 3.1 released for iPad Pro


November is here, and so is Luminair 3.1 for iPad Pro!

We’ve been hard at work optimizing Luminair to take advantage of the larger screen real estate, by adding features like iOS 9 multitasking and improving general app scaling. This means that you now have more faders and buttons at your immediate disposal on iPad Pro, for a more comfortable experience.

You also now have ability to run the app side by side with other iOS apps on all supported iPad models, so you can do things like reference design notes and so much more without ever leaving Luminair.

Needless to say, we’re extremely excited about the larger format, and know it’s going to be a popular choice for those of you replacing an old lighting “console” with something more modern. :)

More Info:

New in 3.1

PSA: User experience is important to us. If you ever have any issues, please get in touch with so we can help.

If you enjoy Luminair, please let others know by leaving a favorable review on the App Store! It really helps us continue developing great new features for future updates. Thank you!

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